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Soon to be available online, another fascinating workshop on a rare subject that follows closely on Sacred Geometry (each workshop is separate but sometimes they are presented together).
In this specialised workshop, we will explore the role and use of different types of symbols, from the psychological and conceptual, artistic and illustrative, all the way to the sacred and esoteric symbols used down the ages, and learn how they can activate levels of consciousness and metaphysical energy. We learn to draw the various forms, including the construction of labyrinth forms, and explain the energic working of symbols as well as ancient temples and statues, and why certain shapes and artefacts can be beneficial, and others detrimental. A fascinating seminar that will enable you to recognise, understand and use symbols to benefit in your own life. Using both theory and practice we will explore:

- Different types of symbols, including mystical, archetypal, psychological and man-made: how they work in linking us to higher levels of awareness. This knowledge spans various sources, from traditional religions to ancient wisdom and Mystery Schools such as the Rosicrucians, the Kabbalah  and Gnosticism.

- Universal symbols such as the Cross, and the evolution of its various multi-cultural forms, the Crescent, Wheel, Caduceus, Swastika and so on.

Symbols connect us all, as they relatesto the inner language used throughout time as a way of communicating thoughts, ideas and even opening states of consciousness and doors or perception. In this one-day workshop on symbology, Kris Attard invites us to explore the topic with both theory and practice. Topics include:

- The archetypal role of various symbolic creatures
- Secret symbols, do they really exist and why the secrecy?
- Labyrinths and their connection to a deep level of our being as old as time itself. We look at their powerful possibilities for personal and spiritual growth and learn to ourselves create two types of labyrinth. In the ages-old tradition, we learn to walk the archetypal labyrinth form in a simplified yet effective way.
- Symbolism in dreams and active visualisation such as MindScape
- Symbols in plays and films; its conscious and unconscious use in advertising and the media
We also discuss symbols in forms we don’t often recognise, including building and structures. A little known aspect is the subject of shape-generated waves and scalar cavity generators, information which while not taught anywhere, can help to explain the energic working of symbols, ancient temples and statues, and why certain shapes and artefacts can be beneficial, and others detrimental.  This fascinating seminar will enable you to recognise, understand and create symbols, and use them to benefit in your own life.

The symbols are explored not only from the historical and social aspect, but also from the part which very few sources can comment on, the function and action of certain symbols on the subtle energy level and the human biofield, which Kris draws on from his long experience as a qualified teacher of BioGeometry with actual BioGeometry testing procedures to back his explanations.

(+356) 9944 4106
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