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The BioGeometry Online Foundation Training presents the same curriculum of material and approach as the 6-day live Foundation Training (click for general information), but it is presented in an online format which makes it accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. You learn from a combination of three formats:
Pre-recorded captivating PowerPoints with Kris Attard's voice commentary, exactly as if you were in class watching and listening to Kris' presentations but being a video, you can easily rewind it to listen to particular segments again, or pause if you need a coffee break and resume later. PDF printouts of the slides will also be sent to help you revise the subject material. There are also tutorials of the core techniques of BioGeometry which use the French vibrational radiesthesia method with the specialised BioGeometry pendulums which are part of the course.

Many lessons also have a pre-recorded video of Kris demonstrating and teaching you the technique in real life use, so you can learn the technique more easily.

Eight live online sessions in which together with the other class students you log in at the appopinted time and join Kris Attard in an online Zoom session. In these sessions, Kris will review the previous lesson so students can ensure they understood its salinet points, and here you will have your questions answered. This is also the time in which the instructor gets to assess your progress with the actual techniques by watching everyone perform them, both during normal sessions as well as sessions which will be dedicated to practical exercises..

A difference from the live Foundation Training is that the online training includes five assignments that have to be submitted after the course, all based on topics covered in the lessons and Live Sessions, some of them are even done during the live practical sessions. The reason for the assignments is that they help ensure the instructor that the student has understood the core course material. A certificate is presented.

Questions are encouraged, ideally the student sends their questions by email and the instructor answers them together in the next live session, for all the class to benefit from the answer. However, it is also possible to ask questions during the live sessions of course.

To learn more about  about the subject of BioGeometry itself from the website of the founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Check out our calendar for dates of the next scheduled Online Foundation Training.

Introducing the various research and community projects of BioGeometry and their astounding results, which demonstrate the
power of BioGeometry.

The heart of BioGeometry, vibratory radiesthesia or the physics of energy quality, explained in a concise way everyone can understand.

From the secret temple sciences to BioGeometry.
The shift from right to right brain use in mankind's history.
The 12-band energy spectrum.

The core of BioGeometry is the BG3, the one harmonizing subtle energy of nature. We discuss what is the BG3 and basic methods of generating it.

Learning how to measure the amount of BG3 in a person, space, object, etc using the BG Scale Ruler supplied in the course materials.

The essential skill of detecting BG3 energy qualities in anything or anywhere.
Using the BG16 pendulum-emitter for healing or harmonization.

The simple but powerful technique of healing with numbers, and the Bi-Location technique which creates a beneficial distant connection with a sacred power spot.

Techniques for calibrating the pendulum to someone's energy field, and testing the beneficial or detrimental effect objects have on a person.

Some forms emit both beneficial and detrimental energies. We can correct these just as the ancients did with domes in sacred buildings and with the Egyptian pyramids.

A technique by which any object can be turned into an emitter of harmonious energy by simply adjusting its position. Various useful applications in the home.

How to design anything from a logo to a product so that it emits the harmonious BG3 energy qualities, bnefitting all those viewing it or interacting with it.

You will get 100s of Biosignatures, forms which support the energy of body organs, psychic protection etc. We learn to use them both physically and distantly.

A two-part lesson on harmonizing ourselves, our food, water medicines, the spaces we live and work in, and neutralizing electrical EMFs in our home.

An amazingly simple way of harmonizing the energy of a space or object using just a coloured sticker fixed in the right place. As used in the Chicken Farm experiment in Cairo.

Fascinating lesson on earth energies and leylines, how the ancients used them for sacred places and ritual. Also geopathic stress which can contribute to serious illness.

An important lesson on eliminating geopathic stress from your home by harmonising Hartmann, Curry & Benker grid-lines especially in the bedroom.

Also included are VIDEO TUTORIALS teaching the core techniques using the BG16 and IKUP pendulum emitters and the testing texchniques used in BioGeometry.

Keep in mind that apart from the recorded lessons which are on a private video channel you will be granted access to, you will also participate in EIGHT 2-HOUR LIVE SESSIONS as a group on Zoom with Kris, where you will learn the important aspects of each lesson and technique, ask any questions, and have your performance of the methods supervised by Kris.
The BioGeometry Foundation training involves techniques which require certain essential specialised BioGeometry tools.  These tools are compulsory for the training, and can be purchased from us when registering for the course. Details on registration form.

We are offering these tools exclusively to our online training participants at discounted prices and with free DHL shipping. Note: these are all highly specialised and sensitive energy measuring and emitting devices not available from sources outside BioGeometry.
1. The BG16 pendulum & emiiter both detects and emits the BG3 subtle harmonizing energy qualities. It is a main tool of BioGeometry as well as being useful for healing work.
2. The IKUP pendulum & emitter enables linkage to the different planes of nature - the physical, vital (etheric), emotional (astral), mental and spiritual - and as such is an excellent device for personal work including calibrating to personal wavelength as well as during meditation, esoteric research and so on.
2. The Vertical & Horizontal dial pendulums  are specially designed to detect the 12-band energy spectrum in both horizontal (beneficial) and vertical (detrimental) waveforms. Also sensitve detectors of earth energy Hartmann, Curry & Benker gridlines.
3. The Home Kit is a collection of powerful harmonizing tools for the home. It includes the Home Cube which can harmonize a space or apartment including help protect from 5G radiation, strips for electricity, water and other things, L90 stickers for windows, mirrors, electric appliances, etc, and a charging plate.
1. From the CALENDAR page, fill in the Registration Form and Students' Agreement for that workshop (found near the Calendar listing), then click on the Print icon and choose PDF as printer  Or you can print them in paper form and fill out by hand.
2..To secure your place on the training, email us the filled in forms, or if you printed them on paper, scan and attach them to the email.
3. You can then proceed to effect payment for the course as indicated on the Registration form.
You will then receive from us an acknowledgement of your registration, and subsequently when payment is received.
- It is suggested you read the course details on the brochure before registering
- We will send you the course tools with free DHL courier shipping once payment is received, so be mindful of the time frame and register as early as is possible.
- Tools will be sent to the address you provide on the form, so please ensure this is clear and complete. Note that our couriers do not deliver to P. O. Box addreses.
- If you have any queries about registration, payment, tools or anything elser elated to your registration, please email us ideally putting REGISTRATION QUERY as the subject of the email.

BIOGEOMETRY ITEMS. We usually have a stock of other useful BioGeometry items such as personal protective jewellery including pendants and rings, harmonizers for home, car, cellphones Wi-Fi and so on. These can be seen here. If you wish to add any of these to your order, email us what you wish and we will inform you if it is in stock, and if so you can receive them in the same shipment as your course tools.
Students from all over the world!
Remember, being an online course you can now learn BioGeometry from anywhere in the world, without having to travel. We have students from all over the world, and from all walks of life.  

All you need is an internet connection, and if the sessions take place at a time suitable for you, then you're all set!  

Details on REGISTRATION above, or feel free to email us with any query you may have about how to hoin Kris for an online BioGeometry training!

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